Soo Young Choi

Essays on Human-AI Interactions for Digital Innovation: Innovation Agency and the Future of AI

Bayes Business School, City, University of London
PhD awarded July 2023

I completed my PhD from Bayes Business School (formerly Cass). My research interests focus on technology and innovation management, especially on human-AI interactions in innovation settings.

My doctoral thesis aims to clarify the role of AI technology as an innovation agent and explore what the future holds for humans with AI. Although innovation management literature has extensively researched AI and its impact on innovation, relatively little is known about the precise role of AI as an organisational actor, in particular, as an innovation agent. Using conceptual development and qualitative methods in three standalone papers format, I explore three main research questions to study knowledge creation with AI, innovation agency of humans and AI, and the future of human with AI. Each paper engages human-AI interactions from different, yet similar, perspectives to better understand innovation that is now being co-created by humans and AI. The main contribution of this thesis is to the literature on innovation management as it challenges the implicit assumption that innovation comes from humans. My work has been presented at various conferences including Academy of Management Annual Meeting (2020, 2023), EGOS Colloquium (2022, 2023) and R&D Management (2022).

Before joining Bayes in 2018, I completed my undergraduate studies in aeronautical engineering at Imperial College London and master’s studies in operations and data analytics at LSE. After the completion of PhD, I will join Information Systems group at Warwick Business School as a post-doctoral fellow, where I will continue my research on innovation management.