Ribin Seo

R&D collaborations and innovation performance of SMEs: the role of entrepreneurial orientation, social capital and inter-organisational learning

Alliance Manchester Business School
PhD awarded 2017

It is my great honor to share my academic experience with the members of RADMA. I have worked as a Collegiate Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Korea since early 2018. As the beneficiary of the 2015/16 RADMA Doctoral Studies Awards, I earned my PhD in Business Management at the Division of Innovation Management and Policy, Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS). With the kind sponsorship of RADMA and the supportive supervision of Profs. Jakob Edler and Silvia Massini at ABMS, my doctoral study was successful.

Entrepreneurial management of technology and innovation has been the primary topic of my studies for the last decade. With a strong belief that collaborative entrepreneurship is one of the key success factors for technology-intensive venture businesses, I had deepened my knowledge of the topic during the doctoral program. This allowed my doctoral research on ventures’ R&D consortia for innovation performance to win the RADMA Doctoral Studies Award and the two AMBS Postgraduate Awards. As a result, the thesis was awarded a top grade of A(i)—the award of the degree with no academic corrections at viva voce and the 2018 Distinguished Achievement Award from the Faculty of Humanities, University of Manchester.

After joining POSTECH, I have published several papers on entrepreneurship and organizational learning in recognized journals as well as two books entitled, Strategic Business Innovation for Intrapreneurs and Startups’ Fundraising Strategy, to share my knowledge with scholars and practitioners. I also like to support, interact, and discuss with students in my courses and, consequently, achieved the 2018 Best Teacher Award from the university. As a certified instructor of the Lab-to-Market Program led by the National Research Foundation, Korea, I contribute to improving the national innovation system by guiding graduate students’ customer discovery initiatives and business model developments to commercialize their innovative ideas in science and engineering.

I am sure that, without the RADMA’s invaluable support, my research journey would not be so successful. This award was quite beneficial for my study: it provided me with not only funding that allowed me to complete my PhD successfully but also non-financial support, that is, strong confidence in my research work. I would like to thank the association committee for the thoughtful and generous sponsorship that has been a precious fertilizer for my academic life.