Funding Opportunities

Funding streams

RADMA provides funding in the following areas:

  1. Doctoral studies (annual call)
  2. Postgraduate student research support (open call)
  3. Student attendance at the R&D Management Conference (annual call)

RADMA has regular calls for applications to these funding streams.

Funded themes

Support is generally focused on the field of ‘R&D management’. Though not intended as a rigorous and exhaustive list, the following themes may be understood as a working definition of the field.

  1. Management and exploitation of scientific and technological activity within firms and public bodies
  2. Determinants of organisation-level performance in research, development, product design and innovation
  3. The interaction of organisation-wide processes such as strategy formulation and human resources with R&D
  4. The relationship between organisation-level activities and performance, and national and regional innovation systems or technology, science and industrial policies

RADMA will generally regard applications for research that explore important relevant issues or furthers understanding in one or more of these areas to be within our definition of the field.

Key themes and the history of R&D Management are explored further here.

Application process

Applications received for Postgraduate Student Research Support are reviewed by two of RADMA’s Trustees. Applications for Doctoral Studies are reviewed in the first instance by two non-Trustee experts in the field of R&D Management. The arising shortlist is reviewed by two Trustees and the final shortlist is validated by at least one other Trustee. Applications for attendance at the R&D Management Conference are administered via the conference organiser.

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