Dana De Nyse Lunberry

Theorizing Technology Affordances in Digital Innovation: Evidence from an Interactive Voice Response Pilot Project for Low-Income Markets in Ghana

London School of Economics
PhD awarded 2020

Dana is a financial services professional, teacher, author, speaker, and organizational leader who enjoys helping prepare organizations for a digital future. Her experiences which span five continents include leading the Financial Inclusion Forum UK, designing and directing financial inclusion programs at Opportunity International, working with refugees at World Relief, onboarding new microfinance partners at Kiva, and teaching management courses at the London School of Economics. In recent years, she has led applied research and consulted various not-for-profit and commercial financial institutions on digital innovation and strategy, payments infrastructures, digital financial services, and customer experience.

Dana’s PhD research (2016-2020) focused on the unique properties of digital technologies and their implications for technology design within digital innovation. While building on the information systems literature, the findings from her work provided significant implications for industry practice. The research found that an improved understanding and utilization of technology affordances (and interrelated sociotechnical aspects) can help innovation leaders configure and reconfigure technologies to achieve better outcomes. These findings can guide innovation leaders in building effective strategies for digital innovation in three main ways: (1) for harnessing complexity during moments of improvisation, (2) for targeting specific customer segments, especially low-income markets, and (3) for configuring anthropomorphic design in information systems development. A copy of her thesis can be downloaded at http://etheses.lse.ac.uk/id/eprint/4222.

Dana feels honoured to be a RADMA Scholar and is grateful for the generous grant provided by RADMA for her research.