Mohammad Y Darvizeh

Dynamic Capabilities in New Product Development and its Effects on Firm Performance

Alliance Manchester Business School -
PhD awarded 2018

I have proposed a generic framework to assess dynamic capabilities (DC) associated with a firm’s performance. My research results in a novel model that could be used to assist firms to manage performances and improve competitive advantages. My findings open a new chapter in the area of strategic management that involve innovation dynamics and organizational performance.

In my research activities, I approached the people, organization and management practices that form the micro-foundations of dynamic capabilities (DC) in the new product development context (NPD). I put them together into multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) and structured my knowledge in the areas of supply chain management (SC), NPD and DC into MCDA models, and also structured them into hierarchical forms for measuring the DC and NPD performance assessment consistently and robust. The models have been applied and validated by the R&D intensive manufacturing companies such as Rolls-Royce, Cummins, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and Lam research companies. The MCDA results for the self-performance assessment of the companies have been generated through new measurement method via evidential reasoning approach (ER). The novelty of contribution of Ph.D. research work has been also related to examining the complex interrelationship between DC and NPD performance through MCDA. In terms of replicability of the research method, the MCDA model on DC can be applied for other applications with a different unit of analysis in management sciences context for the purpose of fine-tuned measurement and continuous performance improvement. These also lead senior managers to identify the area of improvement and achieve a sustainable completive advantage. In fact, the research work involves the three intersected domains of strategic management, supply chain management, and innovation management.