Doctoral Studies Programme: 2022 recipients announced

September 1, 2022

  • Hien Thu Dao, AMBS, Manchester University.  PhD title:  Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled innovation and the changing nature of Organisational Learning;
  • Alejandra Andrea Navea Parra, AMBS, Manchester University.  PhD title:  Start-ups, IP contractual provisions and securing Venture Capital funding;
  • Tommaso Portaluri, Sussex University.  PhD title:  Opening-up technology futures. A case study on R&D practices and future-oriented technology analysis at the European Innovation Council;
  • Jana Leonora Strauss, Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University.  PhD title:  The Role of Technology for Frugal Service Innovation: A Manufacturing Perspective;
  • Mohammed Ali, Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University.  PhD title:  Influence of information of management practice-based and open innovation on resource efficiency to better inform sustainable industrial policy;
  • Simon Frederic Dietlmeier, Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University.  PhD title:  Policy-Driven Industrial Ecosystems: Industry Collaborations in the Quest for Technological Sovereignty & Prosperity.

The Doctoral Studies Programme award provides up to three years funding to talented prospective or mid-study PhD students, offering an opportunity to concentrate on the studentship for the period of the award.  The expectation is that candidates will have a Masters degree in a relevant field or an excellent first degree or equivalent. Candidates are expected to complete yearly progress reports and to make a copy of their thesis available to RADMA upon its completion.  Find out more about awarded funding