Previous RADMA Conferences

2021 – Innovation in an Era of Disruption: Strathclyde, Scotland

2020 – Strathclyde, Glasgow – postponed to 2021, due to Covid-19

2019 The Innovation Challenge: Bridging Research, Industry and Society, Paris

2018 R&Designing Innovation – Transformational Challenges for Organisations and Society  Milan, Italy

2017 Science, Markets and Society: Crossing boundaries, creating momentum Leuven, Belgium

2016 From Science to Society, Innovation and Value Creation Cambridge, UK

2015  Connecting R&D Pisa, Italy

2014 Management of Applied R&D: Connecting high value solutions with future markets Stuttgart, Germany

2013 Skills for Future Innovation – Implications for R&D Management; Manchester, UK

2012 Creating and Capturing Value through R&D Management and Innovation Grenoble, France

2011 R&D, Sustainability & Innovation – the need for new ideas, initiatives and alliances; Norrkoping, Sweden

2010 Information, Imagination & Intelligence in R&D Management; Manchester, UK

2009 The Reality of R&D and its Impact on Innovation; Vienna, Austria

2008 Emerging and New Approaches to R&D Management; Ottawa, Canada

2007 Risk and Uncertainty in R&D Management; Bremen, Germany

2006 The Challenges and Opportunities of R&D Management – New Directions for Research; Lake Windermere, UK

2005 Organising R&D activities: a Balancing Act; Pisa, Italy

2004 Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship in R&D Management; Taiwan

2003 Implementing the Theories of R&D Management – Advancing the State of the Art; Manchester, UK

2002 Strategy, Policy & Performance: Impact of R&D Activities; Leuven, Belgium

2001 Leveraging Research & Technology; Wellington, New Zealand

2001 R&D Opportunity and Technology Entrepreneurship; The National Institute of Technology Management, Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, University College Dublin.

2000 Wealth from Knowledge; Manchester, UK

1999 R&D as a Business; New Delhi, India

1998 Technology Strategy & Strategic Alliances; Avila, Spain

1997 Managing R&D into the 21st Century; Manchester, UK

1996 Using IT Effectively in R&D Organisations; Lausanne, Switzerland

1996 Quality & R&D; Twente, Holland

1995 Knowledge, Technology & Innovation Organisations; Pisa, Italy

1995 Entrepreneurship & R&D; Hyderabad, India

1994 Managing Human Resources in R&D; Manchester, UK

1993 Technology Assessment & Forecasting; Zurich, Switzerland

1992 Managing R&D Internationally; Manchester, UK

1991 External Acquisition of Technological Knowledge; Kiel, Germany

1990 R&D, Entrepreneurship & Innovation; Manchester, UK

1989 R&D, Design & Manufacturing; Ghent, Belgium

1988 State of the Art in R&D Management; Manchester, UK

1987 The Strategic Management of Technology; Paris, France

1986 Management Development for Scientists & Technologists; Manchester, UK

1985 Managing R&D Effectively; Manchester, UK

1984 Knowledge Engineering & R&D; Manchester, UK

1983 The Management of Interdisciplinary Research; Manchester, UK

1981 International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research; Manchester, UK

1980 Industrial R&D Strategy & Management – A Challenge for the 1980s; Manchester, UK