Doctoral Studies Awards previous years

Doctoral Studies Awards 2014/15

Funding has been awarded to:

  • Xiuqin Li, Manchester Business School, PhD title: An exploration of how “open R&D” influences the innovation process in R&D services firms
  • Ambra Mazzelli, Lancaster University, PhD title: How strategic objectives and actions affect value creation through its influence on decisions concerning technology and innovation management in SMEs
  • Antonius H. van den Broek, University of the Arts, London, PhD title: Strategy development in digital design firms
  • Bing Bing Ge, Lancaster University, PhD title: Family involvement and innovation in SME’s: a human resource management perspective
  • Nitish Gupta, Cambridge University, PhD title: Establishing links to technology, product and business in the process of project assessment and portfolio balancing

Doctoral Studies Awards 2013/14

Funding has been awarded to:

  • Mohammad Yasser Darvizeh, Manchester Business School, PhD title: Dynamic capabilities in new product development and its effect on firms’ performance
  • Anna Walker, Manchester Business School, PhD title: A multilevel investigation into the psychology of Front End innovation
  • Xingkun Liang, Cambridge University, PhD title: Insight into the international R&D network – understanding and designing global innovation network.
  • Xia Meng, University of Bath, PhD title: The application of forecasting methods in companies and other organisations
  • Hyunwook Hwangbo, Lancaster University, PhD title: An examination of how approaches to product design differ nationally by examining organisational cultures: a study of East and West
  • Marc Szepan, Oxford University, PhD title: M&A Strategy, Latecomer Firms and Acquisition Integration

Doctoral Studies Awards 2012/13

Funding has been awarded to:

  • Stephen Anderson-Macdonald, London Business School, PhD title: “The role of ‘Management Capital’ in innovation and business transformation for emerging market entrepreneurs.”
  • Laurens Chaskel, Cambridge University, PhD title: “Strategic management of intellectual property portfolios in academic research, with particular reference to the needs of SMEs.”
  • Tobias Langenberg, Lancaster University, PhD title: “SA and M&A portfolios.”
  • Katia Pina, Manchester University, PhD title: “Business and Management.”
  • Radomir Tylecote, Imperial College London, PhD title: “How can foreign investors in China’s solar PV and concentrated solar power (CSP) sectors create safer investment strategies when transferring patent-based intellectual property?”

Doctoral Studies Awards 2011/12

  • Clemens Chaskel, Cambridge University, PhD title: “Technology management: design and customisation of analytical tools.”
  • Sara Hajnassiri, Cambridge University, PhD title: “Defining and measuring the value of product development processes.”
  • Michael Ilevbare, Cambridge University, PhD title: “An investigation into the treatment of risk and uncertainty in roadmapping.”
  • Yi-Chang Lee, Lancaster University, PhD title: “Innovative product design decision-making in SMEs.”
  • Harald Overholm, Cambridge University, PhD title: “The role of business model innovation in sustainable technology diffusion: how product-service system firms can create growth in innovative technology industries.”
  • Claire Weiller, Cambridge University, PhD title: “Promoting R&D and commercialisation of electric vehicles.”

Doctoral Studies Awards 2010/11

  • Mahdi Amin, Cambridge University, PhD title: “Managing globally outsourced new product development.”
  • Magda Hassan, Cambridge University, PhD title: “Global R&D networks: a cultural perspective on social network analysis, intra-organisational knowledge flow and organisational innovation.”

Doctoral Studies Awards 2009/10

  • Jan-Niklas Keltsch, Cambridge University, PhD title: “Managing technology: the link to business strategy and operations.”
  • Lan Tao, Cambridge University, PhD title: “Managing the process of radical innovation in established companies.”